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List of forthcoming publications

  1. Mont, O., Voytenko Palgan, Y., & Zvolska, L. (2019). How Sharing Economy Organizations and City Governments Engage in Institutional Work and How This Shapes Sustainability. In R. Belk, G. M. Eckhardt, & F. Bardhi (Eds.), Handbook of the Sharing Economy (pp. forthcoming): Edward Elgar.

  2. Laurenti, R., Singh, J. Joao, M.C., Toni, M. & Sinha, R. (2019). Sharing economy state of research: a systematic mapping. Journal of Industrial Ecology, forthcoming.

  3. Plepys, A., & Singh, J. (2019). Challenges and research needs in evaluating the sustainability impacts of sharing economy using input-output analysis. In O. Mont (Ed.), A Research Agenda for Sustainable Consumption Governance. Edward Elgar


List of Publications


Zvolska, L., Voytenko Palgan, Y., & Mont, O. (2019). How do sharing organisations create and disrupt institutions? Towards a framework for institutional work in the sharing economy. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Curtis, S. K., & Lehner, M. (2019). Defining the Sharing Economy for Sustainability. Sustainability.


Mont, O. (2018). Mobile Research Lab. Methodological Underpinnings. Lund: IIIEE.