Steven Curtis. Towards a Prescriptive Framework of Sharing Platform Models (Curtis, S. & Mont, O. 2019)

Presented at the The 4th International Conference on New Business Models, Berlin.

Abstract: Departing from a normative definition of the sharing economy for sustainability, we prescribe a sharing platform model framework to describe these practices. Furthermore, we seek to contribute to business model literature describing triadic business models, in particular, processes of value co-creation as a result of practices mediated by a platform.

Jagdeep Singh. Exploring social, economic and environmental consequences of collaborative production: The case of bike repair maker spaces in three European countries (Singh; Mont; Winslow; Lehner; Voytenko Palgan)

Conference paper presented at the PLATE 2019 (Product Lifetimes And The Environment) conference in Berlin


 Past Presentations


Oksana Mont. Urban Sharing project. Lund University. September 1, 2018.