Photo_Yuliya presenting Governance paper.jpg

Yuliya Voytenko Palgan presented her research on the governance of the sharing economy to municipalities of Gothenburg, Malmö, Karlstad and Umeå at the event organised by Sharing Cities Sweden in Gothenburg on August 27-28. The presentation was followed by an exciting discussion on the governance mechanisms of regulating, self-governing, providing, enabling and collaborating with city officials and researchers. City officials commented on the usefulness of the framework developed through this research. They found the framework particularly helpful to communicate their actions and ambitions to politicians when building the understanding of the sharing economy phenomenon among politicians in their respective cities and soliciting political support for municipal actions. An academic article based on this work will be soon submitted to an academic journal. This research is also summarised in a new video series, which will be released each week until the Sharing Cities Summit, co-hosted by the IIIEE, on October 10-11. You can register for the event and find more information on the IIIEE website.