On Monday 9th of September, the Urban Sharing team organized an online meeting with our Advisory Group. The Advisory Group includes prominent academics from a range of disciplines spanning from business models to urban studies, governance and institutionalism, to sustainability assessments of different kinds and experts on the sharing economy. Their role is to provide feedback on our ongoing research as well as thoughts on the developments within their areas of expertise. This marks our first meeting with our Advisory Group, which coincides with the finalisation of the first year of five of the Urban Sharing project. 

The Urban Sharing team presented the initial findings and insights from our ongoing research. Oksana Mont introduced the project, its research design and communication activities. Jagdeep Singh followed up with presenting a framework for studying the relevant city context for sharing and focused on describing methodology for developing the framework by the Urban Sharing Team. 


Steven Curtis provided an overview of his work on defining the sharing economy and sharing economy business models for sustainability. He discussed triadic business models and the key activities of all actors in the sharing economy: the sharing platform, resource owners and resource users.  


Andrius Plepys talked about the impacts of the sharing economy and specifically about our ideas for how to evaluate environmental sustainability of sharing economy organisations at the micro-level. Jagdeep Singh presented ongoing work on developing social sustainability indicators in collaboration with different stakeholders. The indicators are about to be tested in a survey with users of an asset sharing organisation. Ana Maria Arbelaez Velez introduced initial steps in developing a methodology for assessing macro-level sustainability impacts of the sharing economy (coming out soon as a working paper and will be published on our website). 


Results from our research on the institutional work of sharing organisations was presented by Lucie Zvolska. This work is published as an article in the Journal of Cleaner Production titled “How do sharing organisations create and disrupt institutions? Towards a framework for institutional work in the sharing economy” and as a book chapter in the upcoming Handbook of the Sharing Economy edited by Russell W. Belk, Giana M. Eckhardt and Fleura Bardhi.

Finally Yuliya Voytenko Palgan presented a new framework for classifying different governance mechanisms city governments employ when engaging with the sharing economy. Read more about this work in our blog or watch a video series of six short films about the governance mechanisms and roles here.


We received questions and feedback from our advisory group, which were meaningful, helpful and constructive. Our sessions were recorded to allow other members to review our presentations and provide feedback at another time. We look forward to hosting another meeting with our Advisory Group in the next year, but agreed to stay in touch when specific questions or need for feedback arises. We are grateful for their time and feedback!