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Steven Curtis, member of the Urban Sharing Team, is co-host of the podcast ‘Advancing Sustainable Solutions’. In the monthly podcast, Steven and co-host Sofie Sandin discuss sustainability research conducted at the IIIEE. In this month’s episode, Steven and Sofie share insights into the sharing economy, including business models as well as the sustainability implications of the sharing economy. Check out their episode!

Episode Title: Scooters, Sharing & Sustainability

Episode Description: Given the global sustainability challenges that we face, we need new forms of production and consumption. However, will the sharing economy be a part of the solution? Or, part of the problem? In this month's episode, Sofie and Steven discuss the sharing economy broadly before elaborating on business models in the sharing economy. Speaking critically, they elaborate on aspects of the sharing economy that are more likely to lead to more sustainable consumption. They also interview Nancy Bocken - professor at the IIIEE in sustainable business management - as well as Ida Björling, Oskar Henriksson, Tove Lund, and Petter Olsson - who attended the event 'Sharing Cities' hosted by IIIEE during Lund University Sustainability Week.

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You can read more about the podcast at: https://www.iiiee.lu.se/podcast