In conjunction with the 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, the Urban Sharing team hosted an opportunity for PhD students to study the collaborative economy in Copenhagen. This International Mobile Research Lab combined classroom activities with real-world exploration of the sharing and collaborative and sharing economy in Copenhagen, in particular, in the fashion and mobility sectors. 

PhD students, from Australia to Trinidad and Tobago, took part in the three-day workshop on June 12 - 14, 2017. The first day consisted of lectures: 

  • Setting the Scene & Research at the IIIEE
    – Oksana Mont (IIIEE)
  • Sustainability Evaluations of Sharing and Collaborative Organisations
    – Andrius Plepys (IIIEE)
  • The Rise of the Sharing Economy as a Process of Institutional Entrepreneurship
    - Lea Fuenfschilling (CIRCLE, Lund University)
  • The Mobile Research Lab Methodology
    – Yuliya Voytenko Palgan (IIIEE)
  • Sharing and Collaborative Economy in Copenhagen
    – Maria Figueroa (Copenhagen Business School)

The PhD students worked in four teams of three, with each team interviewing approximately three organisations from the fashion and mobility sectors in Copenhagen. Teams executed the mobile research lab methodology used by the Urban Sharing team. In this way, teams took notes, pictures, and recorded the interviews, with analytical discussions occurring while moving between interviews.

In the final day, students worked to synthesise observations and discussed broad themes seen in Copenhagen. Students transcribed interviews, provided individual reflections, and contributed to a group report for each sector. 

All-in-all, students experienced the collaborative economy in Copenhagen, some participating in interviews for the first time. Aside from the rich data collected, students took part in an excellent sampling of the Swedish and Danish culinary scene and built connections to be sustained. 

A big thank you to participants and organisers!