Call for Papers: Special Volume of the Journal of Cleaner Production with focus on the Sharing Economy

On the success of the 4th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, it is with great pleasure we announce a call for papers for a Special Volume of the Journal of Cleaner Production with focus on the Sharing Economy. We invite you to submit your work and spread the news about this special volume. Please note the short time for submitting the full papers – 1st December.

For more information:

Examples of possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

1.      Which theories and analytical frameworks are being used to understand the emergence, advancement, sustainability or growth of the sharing economy?
2.      What is the role of regulatory, normative and cognitive institutions in shaping the sharing economy?
3.      How are the potential tensions between social, environmental and economic value creation managed?
4.      Does the sharing economy pave the way for new forms of economic order and redefined prosperity? Or, is the sharing economy just a vehicle for corporate interests?
5.      What are the economic, social and environmental impacts of the sharing economy?
6.      What constrains and enables the growth and institutionalisation of sharing organisations in different cities and geographical contexts?
7.      What drives different actors to enter and operate in the sharing economy?
8.      How roles of different actors change in the sharing economy?
9.      What is the role of policy and regulation in relation to the sharing economy now and in the future: a barrier or an enabler?
10.   What policy interventions or novel governance arrangements are needed to ensure the sustainability of the sharing economy, i.e. environmental, social and economic?

Tentative schedule:

Initial submission of full papers: 1st December 2017
Peer-Review, revision, and feedback on the papers: 1th May 2018
Submission of the revised papers: 30th July 2018
Feedback: 1st September 2018
Second revision: 30th October 2018
Notification of final decisions on the papers: 15th November 2018
Publication of the special volume: December 2018

The Guest Editorial Team comprises:

Oksana Mont, Lund University,, Sweden
Karin Bradley, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,, Sweden
Yuliya Voytenko Palgan, Lund University,, Sweden
Lucie Zvolska, Lund University,, Sweden

Authors may also confer with the ‘Co-Editor-in-Chief’ of the Journal of Cleaner Production, Prof. Yutao Wang, Email:

We look forward to your submission.

For more information: